What Our
Clients Say About Us

I have been working with Case Huff & Associates for over 12 years. The words that come to me when I think of your team are integrity and talent! Thank you for all your years of quality property management service.

Lincoln Ragsdale, Jr.Property Owner

Case Huff & Associates have served as our Management Agent for all of our various properties for over 25 years. We could not be happier with the services we have received and highly recommend the firm to everyone. Thank you for all the excellent work.

Leo CrowleyProperty Owner

Looking forward to another year with Case Huff & Associates! Hoping all is well with the best management team in the greater Phoenix area and that you are staying safe to help continue the goal of taking care of all the people who have entrusted your group with their properties!

Wynsum TomProperty Owner

The team at Case Huff has been a real asset to our property. In addition to professionally handling the day-to-day management of the real estate, they have been very proactive in handling ALL the issues that arise with local retail businesses. I have appreciated their efforts to interface with our tenants and to negotiate mutually agreeable payment plans for tenants impacted by the COVID crisis.

John NieradProperty Owner

I have worked as a consultant with Mr. Huff on more than one occasion relating to expert witness testimony. During one investigative process, that took over a year, I witnessed Mr. Huff being extremely detail oriented and making sure that every fact tied out. I would not hesitate in recommending Mr. Huff to be an expert witness with anything that has to do with commercial real estate.

Dan Troxel

Buffalo Wild Wings has been a land-owner at Gilbert Town Square for 17 years. The leadership of the Association was beginning to disintegrate due to lack of interest because of failing efforts to fill the center's occupancy. When Case Huff & Associates took over management of the Association, they were not only very professional in their approach, but very competent in their strategy. We're glad to be under their wing.

Gayle M. SchmidtBoard of Directors, Gilbert Town Square Owners Association

Central Avenue Group, LLC was formed in 2003. That’s when Case Huff & Associates came to the rescue! Tim Huff and crew developed a plan to accomplish the delayed and deferred maintenance, and begin a comprehensive refurbishment and enhancement of the lot and the building exterior. Case Huff & Associates help us achieve our stewardship and partnership duties. Their expertise and service level has always been far above our expectations.

Lynlee Austell-SlayterProperty Owner

We are so glad to have Case Huff managing our small shopping center near Central Avenue and Camelback. We have lost track of the number of years that they have competently taken care of our property. The care they’ve shown has improved the quality and curbside appeal of the property and kept our tenant spaces at 100% capacity. What’s more important, is Case Huff treats us as family.

Anita BiedermannProperty Owner

As we put a very rough year behind us, we felt fortunate that we had Case Huff & Associates in our corner! Thank you all for your dedication to your clients, hard work and perseverance!

Cameron Ghafouri, MDProperty Owner

For E for SA, a Swiss company owning a building in Phoenix, the help we get from Case Huff & Associates to manage our building is priceless. From abroad we are completely dependent on a local manager that we can trust. Case Huff has helped to add considerable value to the building since they took over the administration, and we always get the information that we need quickly, and easily.

Irene WittrupPartner, Aumento Law Firm, Kobenhavn K

I have worked with, represented, and recommended Case Huff & Associates, and one of its principals, Tim Huff, for many years – particularly as it concerns Receivership and related Commercial Property transactions. Mr. Huff has a unique ability to focus on the big picture, make sound decisions without delay, and bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion, all at fair and reasonable charges.

Christopher McNicholAttorney at Gust Rosenfeld

Jeremy Johnson and the entire team at Case Huff have been a terrific partner for a novice commercial property owner like me. Always very responsive and attentive to detail. Our building looks great after they took the lead in the recent renovation, we get lots of compliments, but most of all it has no vacancies thanks in large part to the ongoing professional service we get from them.

Tim McGillicuddyProperty Owner

Just got through reading the latest “Caught in the Act” flyer. I can’t express how damn proud I am to be affiliated with your company after all the years. Please continue your great deeds in the community. Wow! That’s all I can say…

Roy GardnerProperty Owner

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team at Case Huff for over 20 years now at the Perimeter Center. You have offered wisdom and shared your knowledge through many sets of Board of Directors over the history of the Perimeter Center. Your continuity and historic reference are quite valuable. I appreciate the team-work and open-minded perspective that have helped us successfully navigate through different phases of growth.

Tony SuttonBoard of Directors, The Perimeter Center Owners Association