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Retail Properties

Case Huff & Associates currently manages more than 1.3 million square feet of retail space in Arizona. Our portfolio of retail/restaurant properties showcases the various sizes and personalities attributed to each individual property.

Office Properties

Principals of Case Huff & Associates have developed, received and/or managed millions of square feet of office space in the southwest since the 1980’s. During our 33 years in the real estate industry, our portfolio includes a cross section of more than 40 office buildings managed by our team.

Industrial Properties

Case Huff & Associates curently manages high-end industrial space and has been the receiver on a large number of industrial/office properties throughout the state of Arizona.

Multifamily Properties

Case Huff & Associates has managed many apartment and condominium projects throughout the state of Arizona over the past 33 years. During times of economic crisis, we have been privileged to elevate the standards of many communities to reflect the quality of the properties we manage.

Property Associations

Case Huff & Associates takes special pride in caring for the needs of unique projects outside the normal scope of property management. Over the years, these projects have ranged from the wide open pastures of a cattle ranch in Congress to the pristine grounds of the Perimeter Center Owners’ Association in Scottsdale.
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