James Hogencamp has been with Case Huff for about 11 years. He comes with 30+ years of construction experience including residential and commercial framing from the ground up. His areas of expertise include full interior remodels, exterior painting, and roof repairs.

As a Project Superintendent for Case Huff & Associates, James is a hands-on leader who works with a crew that specializes in tenant improvements. In today’s commercial real estate environment, juggling multiple construction projects requires an experienced contractor. New leases and tenant renewals typically include construction projects that must be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner, and James’ ability to define project needs and collaborate with vendors ensures that both requirements are met to the satisfaction of both tenant and owner.

His additional responsibilities include the scheduling of projects, pulling of permits, as well as interfacing with vendors, engineers, and sub-contractors to ensure that each project is delivered successfully and on time. Timelines are often short, so Case Huff depends on James not only to deliver on time, but to follow quality standards that ensure the safety and security of the construction site. He is also the responsible party for Case Huff’s contractor’s license ROC #147418.

With responsibilities for about 80 properties that Case Huff manages, James and his efficient crew put their skills to the test, week after week. From start to finish, tenants are able to enjoy seeing the vision for their space become a reality.

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