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Like having a good next door neighbor, the best business relationships spring from local partnerships. As a home grown business ourselves, Case, Huff & Associates strives to support local servicers and suppliers at every opportunity.
Local Charities
Our cooperation with the legal community affords us detailed insight into the charitable activities of the Maricopa County Bar Association, through it's foundation. Our President, Tim Huff, has chaired the executive committee of this foundation for a number of years. We are proud of what has been accomplished for the local community and the positive response shown by the legal community.
Local Services
We have enjoyed the personal interaction that is possible when utilizing local legal and financial services. It is a unique and genuine privilege to feel that we can help one another through each of our unique expertise, a real friendship.
Local Suppliers
Case, Huff utilizes a number of local suppliers for office supplies, construction materials and advertising resources, not only supporting our local economy, but also resulting in good relationships that turn into optimum service for our clients.

Gary Case