While still in high school, Jeremy Johnson was employed part-time with Case Huff & Associates. Working with the maintenance and construction teams provided him with operational hands-on experience that has served him well since joining the property management team in 2004. His background and knowledge allowed him to become an expert in the effective management of a variety of properties – retail, office, industrial, and POA.

A major goal of any commercial property management company is to maintain outstanding, long term client relationships with owners and their tenants, an area in which Jeremy excels. To the delight of building owners, Jeremy is an expert in tenant retention and securing new tenants as needed. As a result of the time and attention that he pays to each individual property, owners have benefited from over $36 million of revenue in renewals and new tenant leases.

Through the years, Jeremy’s management portfolio includes 51 properties totaling 1,366,173 square feet of space. His expertise pays off not only for the tenant, but for the building owner as well, with the longevity of some relationships still going strong after 16 years! Covering a span of over 25 years, Jeremy brings with him a high level of experience and professionalism second to none in the world of commercial property management. Case Huff is proud to have Jeremy as part of our Management Team!

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