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Case, Huff & Associates is an industry-leading commercial property specialist. What makes us unique is our intense effort to center our services on the needs of our clients. We are dedicated to serving great people and the investments that are important to them. For this reason we strive to excel in many areas of service.
This includes day-portering, general carpentry, power washing, plumbing repair, roof repair, and all preventative/cyclical building maintenance issues.
We assist our clients with the leasing or sale of existing investment properties, identification of investment opportunities, preparation and negotiation of leases and purchase & sale contracts. Our focus is serving THE CLIENT’S best interest.
In addition to coordinating regular landscape maintenance, this department performs the installation of landscape, fountain and pond construction, irrigation systems, lawn over-seeding, seasonal planting and curb repairs.
Case, Huff & Associates provides the marketing tools and services needed to be successful in an increasingly competitive marketplace, including signage, print media, web-design and anything else that may best serve our clients’ interests.
Our principals have extensive experience in acting as a court-appointed receiver. Starting in 1988, we have been appointed as a Receiver over 130 times.
Our services include managing or performing tenant improvements, building repairs and management of major shopping center renovations. Our experience includes developing over $200 million in real estate and building out over 1,000,000 square feet of tenant improvements.
Case, Huff & Associates provides expert opinion or evidence in cases related to our areas of expertise.