Case, Huff & Associates is a commercial real estate management and advisory firm offering a full spectrum of services to Arizona's business, banking and legal communities since 1987...more
Case, Huff & Associates has managed hundreds of thousands of square feet of office, retail, industrial and multifamily commercial real estate during our more than twenty five years in business.

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Case, Huff & Associates is equipped to handle receiverships of all shapes and sizes. The receivership process can be one of the best opportunities to improve the value of a property.

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Extensive day to day real-world experience has made Mr. Huff a true expert in his field. It is our privilege at Case, Huff & Associates to back him up with the tools and resources to make a strong case in behalf of each client.

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JUNE 24, 2020 : Case, Huff & Associates contributes its sponshorship and participation to the June 2020 Arizona Chapter Turnaround Management Event webinar. Register For This Event or Click Here to Learn More...